Alexander Defender Stargate Distortion


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Why should you use a digital distortion pedal?

No idea. Analog is better, right? You should probably go buy a Tube Screamer. But if you're interested in expanding your horizons, read on.

One of the things Alexander's design team loves about making pedals is that they get to come up with things that are new and exciting. The prospect of doing another "me too" overdrive pedal wasn't really that appealing for them. They decided that the best way to approach a digital distortion pedal was to think of all of the things you couldn't do with analog and proceed from there. We love this pedal, and we hope you like it too.

Neo Series:

The sonic scientists at Alexander Pedals have been working overtime to cram the most pedal into the smallest box, and we now present the Neo Series!  Each Neo Series pedal incorporates an advanced 32-bit microcontroller adding presets, expression, and MIDI capability.

The Neo Series pedals are small but mighty!  Imagine having a single pedal on your board that can access up to 4 separate preset tones with a touch of your toe.  Connect an expression pedal to "morph" between two distinct settings for each preset for dynamic real-time effects.  Or connect the Neo Footswitch to enable your choice of preset select, tap tempo, or start / stop the sequence in real time.