Catalinbread CSIDMAN Glitch Delay


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If you're looking for a pedal that can give you everything from crystal-clear repeats to pseudo-random digital errors that will blow your audiences' minds, the Catalinbread CSIDMAN Digital Glitch/Stutter Delay Pedal is a powerful option. At its core, it's an extremely capable pure digital delay (the dry path is 100% analog) with Time, Feedback, and Mix controls. And by manipulating the Latch and Cuts knobs, you can explore digital glitchcraft and pseudo-random skips and stutters that will open up new creative vistas. The effects are based on observations of Catalinbread's founder, the late Nick Harris, of unfortunate skips in his portable CD playback while driving. The random and jittery nature of the effect inspired Nick to take advantage of the limitations of that now archaic technology, control them, and make them musical. The product of Nick's intentionally embracing technical errors and glitches is the CSIDMAN Glitch/Stutter Delay Pedal.