Disaster Area Designs DMC-8 MIDI Controller


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The DMC-8 Gen3 shares a lot of DNA with the smaller controllers, but it builds upon this backbone in its own way. The biggest difference is that the DMC-8 allows faster access to the various control modes and options. Each alternate mode is accessed simply by holding down one of the footswitches for 1 second. You can easily switch from mode to mode quickly without having to cycle through all the other options. In addition, preset and looper modes are easier to use on the DMC-8 due to having multiple buttons available on the same page. Each preset bank allows access to four presets instantly, while all of the necessary looper controls are on the same page for instant access. The DMC-8 Gen3 also has dedicated global tap tempo and Favorite footswitches, allowing you to have instant access to a special preset or to your tempo controls at any time.

Sturdy cast aluminum enclosure
Enclosure Dimensions 10″ x 2.5″ x 2.0″
Soft-touch footswitches
Blue LED display with 10 brightness levels
5-pin MIDI port, doubles as MIDI input using the Disaster Area MIDI Y-Cable
9vDC power jack, 80mA max (up to 500mA if powering a USB device as host)
USB port with USB-MIDI functionality or optional USB Host compatibility
1/4″ jack for expression pedal or tap tempo switch
MultiJacks function as expression pedal input, tap tempo input, tap tempo output, or MIDI output with Disaster Area TRS to MIDI Adaptor Cable, control an Empress or Chase Bliss device with the appropriate cable.
Optional side roller assignable to expression or looper level, or user-defined MIDI CC message