Gamechanger Audio Third Man Records Plasma Coil Distortion & Octave


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Gamechanger Audio harnessed the awesome power of plasma to create the Plasma Pedal, an ultra-gnarly dirtbox that became an instant pedalboard classic. Now, they’ve teamed up with Jack White and Third Man Records for an amped-up iteration — the Plasma Coil high-voltage distortion pedal. Like the Plasma Pedal, the Plasma Coil converts audio signals into a 3500-volt electrical charge, blasting it through a xenon-filled vacuum tube and spewing out chaotic, speaker-melting mutant distortion. And, it heaps on five additional octave modes, including two sub-octave modes, one upper-octave mode, and two mixed-octave modes, to create the kind of harmonically dense fuzz and distortion sounds that are a staple of Jack White’s tone arsenal. Like the yellow, flickering bolt of electricity illuminating its front panel, the Plasma Coil is a mesmerizing high-voltage tone monster!