Noise Kick FX - Lifetime Delay


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The Lime Time Delay by noiseKICK FX is a full-fledged echo machine with warm analog-style repeats of up to around 1000ms.

What makes the Lime Time Delay unique is it's two modulation options. By choosing the 'DIP' or 'WARP' option via the toggle switch you will have access to either of these tone by using the secondary solf foot switch labeled MOD.

With the toggle in the 'DIP' position the MOD switch acts as a sort of detune/vibrato effect. When held down in this position the MOD foot switch will cause the length of the delay be at a shorter time setting. Once you let go of the MOD footswitch the time will go back to it's orginal setting as indicated on the TIME knob. Tapping the MOD foot switch allows for tones that emulate pitch bending! Try tapping the footswitch in rhythm to produce a warbling vibrato.

The BOUNCE BACK knob controls the return or “decay” of the pitch bend. Set this knob clockwise for a fast return, counter-clockwise for a slower return. Each setting will cause the DIP function to react differently. This knob is only applicable when you are in the DIP setting.

Set the toggle to the 'WARP' position. Now hold the MOD foot switch. This will cause the delay to self oscillate and produce runaway echo. In this setting, the time knob will control how quickly or slowly the 'ramp up' will be. Set a sort time for a quick WARP or long for a more gradual WARP.

Control Breakdown:

Repeats – Also called feedback. This will determine how many repeats come after your original

signal. Turning this knob more than halfway will cause the delay to self oscillate or repeat on itself ; causing some weird and interesting tones.

Level (MIX) – How much delay signal is mixed in with your original clean signal. Turning the

knob completely counter clockwise will give no effect. Completely clockwise will allow your

repeats to be the same volume as your original signal.

Time – How long after your original signal the first repeat will play. The max time is around

100ms. You will hear that the repeats become degraded at high settings.

Bounce Back – This knob works in conjunction with the DIP feature. It will control how quickly

or slowly the signal comes back 'in tune' once the secondary foot switch is let go.