NoiseKick FX - The Howler Feedbacking Tremolo


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The Howler by NoiseKick FX is a fun, interactive, musical, and experimental little pedal. It wobbles, oscillates, stutters, glitches and screams! It's the HOWLER. At it's core, the Howler is an analog optical tremolo. You can certainly use the Howler as a standalone tremolo pedal to get retro 'smooth' waves or a choppy/stuttery rhythm. The left latching (true bypass) foot switch will turn the tremolo on and off. Control the SPEED and WAVEFORM of the tremolo with the top 2 knobs.

The added FEEDBACK effects loop pedal (or chain of pedals) directly before the trem circuit. The right momentary foot switch will take the output of the signal path and feed it directly back into the input of the effects loop; as well as activate the tremolo! Control the FEEDBACK AMOUNT with the middle knob. Varying levels of feedback will produce anything from a gradual swelling of volume (Think the WARP function on the LimeTime delay), to an all out glitchy and experimental mess.