Panda Audio FI-1 Future Impact Bass Synthesizer


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In the mid-90's, electronic music manufacturer Akai Professional took a detour from their typical product offerings of samplers & workstations and released a series of dedicated effect pedals for Guitar & Bass. Among these pedals was a ruby-colored gem called the SB-1 Deep Impact – designed for use with Bass Guitar, the Deep Impact contained a variety of fat, funky Synth-Bass sound presets that were user-tweakable and - more importantly – infinitely usable in a variety of musical settings.

  • The filter can be 12 dB/oct or 24 dB/oct and emulates the classic Mini-type filter.
  • An effect section is included with time modulation effects.
  • While the distortion effect on the Deep Impact runs at a 32 kHz sampling rate, the FI I. runs at 128 kHz, giving a much cleaner distortion, free of any digital artifacts.
  • Unlike the Deep Impact, the Future Impact is now equipped with MIDI IN and MIDI OUT!