Totally Wycked Audio Tap Tempo LFO


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The Side Step is a variable-state, tap-tempo low-frequency oscillator (LFO) that can be used to control practically any device with an expression input and/or +5V control voltage source. Just plug it in and tap to create unique new sounds and effects.

The Side Step concept arose from discussions with Dweezil Zappa, who had envisioned a sample/hold function for the TWA Triskelion. Our tech came up with an idea to slave the Triskelion to an external LFO via its expression jack in order to generate the S/H effect without having to alter the existing circuit.

After a lot of spit-balling and trial & error, the Side Step was born!

The Side Step LFO rate can be controlled via tap tempo, onboard rate pot, or an external expression pedal. Each control type will override the others, so you could have a very high LFO rate set with the expression pedal, and then enter a much slower tempo via the tap tempo footswitch, allowing you to “toggle” between two LFO rates.

The Side Step offers eight different waveform options for the onboard LFO, which are selectable via rotary switch. The available waveforms are listed in the Control Descriptions section below.

The EXP jack allows connection of your favorite expression pedal to the Side Step, while the EXP Thru switch allows for standard operation of the expression pedal with the slave pedal/device, effectively bypassing the Side Step without having to disconnect it.

The Side Step can also be hard bypassed to use the slave pedal/device in its standard operating mode.

Here’s an example – the TWA Triskelion is a midrange gain booster with an expression pedal jack that controls the frequency of the midrange band. If you were to connect the Side Step to the Triskelion and then connect an expression pedal to the Side Step, you could have the Triskelion function in three different modes –

• Manual control of midrange frequency via expression pedal

• LFO control of midrange frequency via Side Step LFO

• Fixed midrange frequency with Triskelion on and Side Step bypassed

This simple yet ingenious configuration opens up a whole new array of creative audio possibilities without dramatically altering your existing effect setup. Turn an envelope filter into an auto-wah; a ring modulator into a whammy; a standard delay pedal into a pitch-shifting delay; a drive pedal into a modulating synth or add tap tempo to a manual phaser. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the amount of exp/CTL jacks you have available in your rig. Take your current effects setup a step beyond the ordinary with the Side Step from TWA.