Walrus Audio Mira Optical Compressor


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Come and witness the impressive capabilities of Mira. In Spanish, Mira is a command that means look, see, and call attention to. With Mira Optical Compressor, you can create and mold a studio-grade sound that demands to be seen, heard and felt. Mira delivers warm, analog optical compression with heaps of sustain and a smooth attack and release that can be mixed to taste. The compressor dynamically stimulates the senses, making music come alive. 

The Mira is a true bypass optical compressor, offering exceptional sound sculpting and sustained controls you would typically only find in a studio. Use the Blend knob to blend your compressed sound with your clean tone to maintain note clarity while increasing sustain. Mira also provides in-depth control over Attack, Release, Ratio, and a Make-Up knob to maintain unity levels after compression. For increased headroom, Mira runs internally at ±15VDC. 

In addition to its exceptional features, Walrus has also included a push-button High Pass Filter in the side chain (the part of the circuit that controls the optical element in the compressor). This is perfect for preventing bass frequencies of 120Hz or below from overworking the compressor as much as higher frequencies. This feature helps keep the compressor from overworking on lower notes and is ideal for bass guitar or for keeping low-frequency dynamics dramatic for guitar players. 

Make Mira your new always-on pedal. Even at low settings, you will hear rich, full clarity in your notes and feel the difference in its response.